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Alexia Coley - Love At First Sight
Andy Crofts - Andromeda
Andy Lewis - I'm Your Plan
Andy Lewis - Magic Custard
Andy Lewis - Rise Up
Andy Lewis - What Can I Say
Andy Lewis And Wesley Doyle - The Best Of Days
Aretha Franklin - Rough Lover
Aretha Franklin - You Keep Me Hangin' On
Baby Washington - I've Got A Feeling
Baby Washington - Let Love Go By
Baker Brothers - Big Guns
Barbara Dane - I'm On My Way
Barry Gray - Joe 90
BB King - Heartbreaker
Beat Direction - Looking For Emma Peel
Beryl Marsden - Everybody Loves A Lover
Betty Adams - Make It Real
Big Boss Man - Last Man On Earth
Big Jay Mcneely - Psycho Serenade
Billy Boy Arnold - I Wish You Would
Billy Hawks - I Got A Woman
Blur - I Broadcast
Bobby And The Heavyweights - Soul Train
Bobby Bland - Don't Cry No More
Bonny St. Claire - I Surrender
Booker T - Fun
Bronco Bullfrog - Clarifoil
Bronco Bullfrog - Never Been To California
Bunny Sigler - Sunny Sunday
Button Up - Not Interested
Calibro 35 - Radio 1 Sport
Camera Soul - Bring Me Back
Carleen Anderson - Piece Of Clay
Carlos Dingo - Dub cuisine
Carlos Dingo - El caminar de la Skin Girl
Charlie Baker - You Crack Me Up
Cherry B And The Sound Makers - Malala
Cherry B And The Sound Makers - No Answer
Cherry B and The Sound Makers - Say it loud
Chords Five - Some People
Christine Kittrell - Call His Name
Citrus Sun - People Of Tomorrow
City Motions - City Motions Theme
Clarence Carter - Slippin' Around
Corduroy - Safety Light
Cow And Steve Ellis - Up
Dee C Lee And Deep Mo - It's Not Over
Dell Mack - You Can't Judge a Book By The Cover
Dena Barnes - If You Ever Walk Out Of My Life
Dick Leslie - Harlem Train
Dodgy - Dodgy Dave
Downliners Sect - Don't Lie To Me
Driftin' 5 - Hard Headed Baby
Dusty Wilson - Can't Do Without You
Eggy - Hookey
Elephant Stone - Wayward Son
Ella Fitzgerald - Ringo Beat
Epitome Of Sound - You Don't Love Me
Ernie Bush Band - Breakaway
Fats Domino - It Keeps Raining
Fay Hallam Trinity - How To Be Here
Fay Hallam Trinity - Rain
Five Faces - Father's Name Was Dad
Five Faces - Leavin' Here
Five Faces - Makin' Time
Five Faces - Ryan Don't Be Sad
French Boutik - La Vie En Couleurs
French Boutik - Pousse au Crime
Fruit Machine - The Wall
Galileo 7 - Don't Know What I'm Waiting For
Gloria Jones - Heartbeat
Gorilla - Forever
Gorilla - Mary Anne
Graham Day And The Forefathers - Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
Graham Day And The Forefathers - I Am The Fisherman
Graham Day And The Forefathers - The Good Things
Green Circles - Turn It Up
Groovy Uncle - Barefoot In The Car Park
Groovy Uncle - Persuaded
Groovy Uncle And Suzi Chunk - Neptune Girl
Guitar Red - Just You And I
Hannah Williams And The Tastemakers - Work It Out
Hat And Tie - Finding It Rough
Heinz - I Got A Woman
Herbie Mann - Right Now
Holly Golightly - Hell To Pay
Hot Knives - Lies
Ike And Tina Turner - I Can't Believe What You Say
Ike And Tina Turner - Mind In A Whirl
Innocenti - Change The Seasons
Irma Thomas - Hittin on Nothin
Jacco Gardner - Find Yourself
Jackie Lee - Rupert the Bear
Jackie Wilson - I'm The One To Do It
Jackie Wilson And Linda Hopkins - Say I Do
James Carr - Who's Been Warming My Oven
Jane J's Clan - Enough is Enough
Jane J's Clan - Everyday, Everywhere, Every Hour
Jane J's Clan - Leavin' Here
Jenny Dee And The Deelinquents - Fox On The Run
Jimmy Hughes - Neighbor Neighbor
Jimmy Vick And The Victors - Take A Trip
Joel Sarakula - Northern Soul
John Holt - Ali Baba
Johnny Guitar Watson - Broke And Lonely
Jr Walker And The Allstars - Pucker Up Buttercup
Jubilee Park - Two of a Kind
Judi Scott - Billy Sunshine
Just William - Cherrywood Green
Karena K - Battered And Blue
KO And The Knockouts - You're On My Mind
Koko Taylor - Wang Dang Doodle
Lee Austin - Tutti Frutti
Lee Fields - Standing by Your Side
Lisa Stansfield - You're The Best Thing
Little Jimmy Scott - It Rained 40 Days And Nights
Little Sonny - Wade In The Water
Lois Blaine - Here I Am
London Egg - In The Garden
Lowell Fulson - Tramp
Lula Reed - Puddentane
Makin Time - Stop This Cryin' Inside
Manual Scan - 31963
Mary Love - Lay This Burden Down
Mary Love - You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet
Mary Wells - You Beat Me to the Punch
Matt Deighton - Sometimes There's Lightening
Men Of North Country - Magic Time Warp
Men Of North Country - Magic
Men Of North Country - The Seeker
Merton Parkas - Face In The Crowd
Merton Parkas - Plastic Smile
Merton Parkas - Silent People
Merton Parkas - You Need Wheels
Mick Talbot - Cissy Strut
Mick Talbot - Green Onions
Milestones - The Joker
Mod Fun - Heartfull of soul
Modest Proposal - The Look In Your Eyes
Myles Sanko - Forever Dreaming
Nick Waterhouse - Ain't There Something That Money Can't Buy
Nina Simone - Come On Back Jack
Nine Below Zero - Eleven Plus Eleven
Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds - While the Song Remains the Same
Ocean Colour Scene - No One Says
Olly Riva And The Soul Rockets - Music In Black And White
Olly Riva And The SoulRockets - It's Your Voodoo Working
Oscar Brown Jr - Jeanine
Otis Redding - Day Tripper
Otis Redding - Tennessee Waltz
Otis Redding And The Pinetoppers - Shout Bamalama
Paolo Apollo Negri feat Bob Harris - Teenie Tiny Cameras
Patti Young - Head And Shoulders
Paul Messis - Nickels And Dimes
Paul Messis - Scene Or Herd
Paul Messis - Sowing Seeds
Paul Weller - Aim High
Paul Weller - Everyone Must Have A Purpose
Paul Weller - I'm A Roadrunner
Paul Weller - I'm Where I Should Be
Paul Weller - Praise If You Wanna
Paul Weller - Saturns Pattern
Paul Weller - The Bitter Truth
Paul Weller - White Sky
Persian Claws - Clever Way To Crawl
Pete Townshend - Harlem Shuffle
Phil James - In The City
Phil James - Keep On keeping On
Plastic Penny - Take Me Back
Pluto Shervington - Ram Goat Liver
Pretty Things - Oh Baby Doll
Purple Gang - The Wizard
Purple Hearts - Millions Like Us
Push - Stomp
RAF - Hadrian's Wall
RAF - Nothing Seems To Fit
RAF - We Are The Mods
Real Numbers - Boats And Cars
Redskins - It Can Be Done
Rocking Vicars - I Go Ape
Roger Daltrey And Wilko Johnson - Keep It Out Of Sight
Ronnie Jones And The Smoke Orchestra - I Need Your Loving
Rudi - Big Time
Scarlet Party - 101 Dam-Nations
Secret Affair - Time For Action
Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings - I Heard It Thru The Grapevine
Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings - Little Boys with Shiny Toys
Shawn Elliott - The Sidewinder
She Trinity - Climb That Tree
Shere Khan - Little Louise
Shorty Long - Function At The Junction
Simon Wells - Cinnamon Cinder
Simon Wells - Sometimes In The Morning
Simon Wells - The Saturday Girl
Skybombers - Always Complaining
Sonny Cox - The Wailer
Sons of MOD - Yer Bones Are Mayde Of Chocolate
Sons of MOD - Hamburg Stomp
Sons of MOD - This Is Sound
Soulful Orchestra - Gotta Find A Way
Speedball - No Survivors
Speedometer - Happy
Spyder Turner - I Can't Make It Anymore
Squire - Get Ready To Go
Squire - I Know A Girl
Squire - Jesamine
St Paul And The Broken Bones - Call Me
Steve Cradock - Carnation
Steve Cradock - I Am The Sea
Steve Cradock - Small Personal Fortune
Steve Ellis And Cow - Rise
Steve Pilgrim feat Paul Weller - Firecracker
Stiv Bators - It's Cold Outside
Stone Foundation - Stronger Than Us
Studio Rio - It's Your Thing
Sugar And Sweet - Do The Dive
Supertonic Sound Club - Cracked Up Over You
Supertonic Sound Club - Little Boy
Supertonic Sound Club - Love is a Four Letter Word
Supertonic Sound Club - Scheherazade
Supertonic Sound Club Feat. Dave Barker - Scheherazade
Sven Hammond Soul - The Usual Suspects
Swinging Blue Jeans - Jump Back
Sylvia Robbins - Don't Let Your Eyes Get Bigger Than Your Heart
The 45s - Around and Around
The 45s - Shake Me Girl
The Action - Shadows And Reflections
The Anydays - Emily Please
The Anydays - Hey Man
The Anydays - I Feel Free
The Anydays - When Did All The Goodtimes Go Away
The Attention - Ace Face
The B-Sides - Knock On My Door
The Bangles - Where Were You When I Needed You
The Baron Four - Girl
The Baron Four - Yes I Do
The Barons - Words And Expressions
The Barracudas - I Ain't No Miracle Worker
The Barracudas - Summer Fun
The Bassics - Everyday Life
The Bassics - Roll On
The Beat Movement - Keep On Keepin' On
The Beatpack - Hey Senorita
The Bikini Lovers - No, no, no
The Bluebeaters - Roll With It
The Booze - California Blonde
The Bronsons - Just for Fun
The Bureau - Chance In A Million
The Bureau - Let Him Have It
The Capers - Go Against The Sun
The Capers - Ready Steady Go
The Chants - Dick Tracey
The Charlatans - Come Home Baby
The Che Men - Keep On Keepin On
The Chords - I'm Not Sure
The Chords - Maybe Tomorrow
The Chords - So Far Away
The Chords - Something's Missing
The Contours - First I Look At The Purse
The Coral - Pass It On
The Courettes - Money Blind
The Courettes - Push It Too Hard
The Crack - Don't you ever let me down
The Creation - Painter Man
The Crystals - I Got A Man
The Dance Hall Crashers - Buried Alive
The Delcos - Arabia
The Dirtbombs - Jump And Shout
The Drifters - Drip Drop
The Easybeats - She's So Fine
The Electric Stars - Jennifer Eccles
The Electric Stars - Old Fashioned Girl
The Empty Hearts - Soul Deep
The Escalators - Carscape
The Family Silver - Peace And Love
The Fireman - Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight
The First Four - Empty Heart
The Galileo 7 - One Lie at a Time
The Get-Go - Let Me Tell Ya
The Get-Go - Two Time Loser
The Godzillas - Shut Up
The Grains Of Sand - That's When Happiness Began
The Grip Weeds - She Don't Care About Time
The High Learys - Ain't No Fire
The High Learys - Let You Down
The High Learys - Sticks and Stones
The Higher State - All Ties That Bind
The Higher State - Jagged Words
The Higher State - Potentially (Everyone Is Your Enemy)
The Idle Talk - Between the Lines
The Ikettes - I'm Blue
The Ikettes - I'm Just Not Ready For Love
The Illusions - City Of People
The Impellers - My Tears
The Inciters - Lean On Me
The Inmates - Why When The Love Has Gone
The Jam - Alfie
The Jam - Boy About Town
The Jam - Mr. Clean
The Jam - So Sad About Us
The Jazz Defektors - Ooh This Feeling
The Jolt - Watcha Gonna Do About It
The Key - Nothing Gets Better
The Killermeters - SX225
The Kinks - Beautiful Delilah
The Kinks - I'm A Lover Not A Fighter
The Kinks - This Time Tomorrow
The Kite Collectors - Tell Me It's Real
The Lambrettas - Another Day, Another Girl
The Lambrettas - Beat Boys In The Jet Age
The Lambrettas - Da-A-Ance
The Lambrettas - Runaround
The Lancashire Hustlers - Cold Storage
The Lancashire Hustlers - Now My Mind Turns To Amusement
The Lancashire Hustlers - The Flyers
The Launderettes - Just Dropped In
The Len Price 3 - Keep Your Eyes On Me
The Like - He's Not A Boy
The Lost Boys - A Better Life
The Lost Boys - Loser Rock
The Mads - Hey Girl
The Mads - In The Midnight Hour
The Mads - Keep On Running
The Mads - She Said She Said
The Mads - Somebody Help Me
The Mads - Virtual World
The Mads - What I Need
The Marshmallow Overcoat - A House Is Not A Motel
The Marvelettes - I'll Keep Holding On
The Master Colony - Let Us Have Our Way
The Master Colony - Take Me Away
The Mergers - Take A Look At Me
The Mighty Mocambos with Afrika Bambaataa - Hot Stuff
The Mixtures - Olive Oyl
The Mods - Let Me Be The One
The Moment - One Two They Fly
The Moons - Heart and Soul
The Moons -Society
The Moons And Paul Weller - Something Soon
The Moons feat Paul Weller - Wondering
The Most - Scooter Girl
The Movement - Fools Like You
The Movement - Its All In Your Mind
The New Mastersounds - I Want You To Stay
The Night Crawlers - You Say
The Novas - William Junior
The Off-Set - You're A Drag
The Optic Nerve - Fancy Free With Nancy
The Orlons - Wah Watusi
The Others - I Cant Stand This Love
The Out Four - Whenever I'm Gone
The Outlets - Love Someone
The Palace Guards - Gas Station Boogaloo Downtown
The Pandoras - I'm Your Girl
The Pepper Pots - Good Times
The Pepper Pots - Got Me Crazy
The Pepper Pots - Time Has Won This One
The Phrogs - Baby I'm Gone
The Pictures - My Home Town
The Playn Jayn - I love you like I love myself
The Presidents - Peter Rabbit
The Prisoners - Better In Black
The Prisoners - Melanie
The Prisoners - Say Your Prayers
The Prisoners - Whenever I'm Gone
The Q - Diamond July
The Quads - There Must Be Thousands
The Quantics - Nine to Five
The Repeat Offenders - Beg, Steal Or Borrow
The Repeat Offenders - In My Way
The Repeat Offenders - She's A Mystery
The Riff - Controller
The Riff - Do What We Do
The Riff - Don't Give It Away Now
The Riff - Treason
The Riots - Hate To See You Go
The Riots - Time For Truth
The Rising - My Small Faces And My Kinks CDs
The Risk - Jobs For The Boys
The Rolling Stones - The Last Time
The Ronettes - He Did It
The Rubinoos - I Think We're Alone Now
The Saints - Lipstick On Your Collar
The Satelliters - Girl It's Over
The Satelliters - Part Time Passions
The Satelliters - Riot On Sunset Strip
The Scene - Stop Go
The Second Generation - Throw It All Away
The See No Evils - Secrets In Me
The Setting Son - Above the Rest
The Sha La Las - Soul Of The Nation
The Sha La Las - Feelin Real
The Sha La Las - Twenty Five
The Sha La Las - Your Blind Soul
The Shimmys - High School Honey
The Shimmys - Nobody But Me
The Shirelles - Putty In Your Hands
The Short Fuses - Send Me a Postcard
The Short Fuses - Shake Your Hips
The Showmen - Our Love Will Grow
The Silvertones - Midnight Hour
The Skunks - I Need No One
The Slow Slushy Boys - Sittin' On My Sofa
The Small Faces - Afterglow
The Small Faces - Happy Days Toy Town
The Small Faces - Rene
The Small Faces - Song Of A Baker
The Small Faces- Happiness Stan
The SmallFaces - E Too D
The Solution - Maybe Tomorrow
The Sons - Hinterland
The Sons - I'm Not Happy
The Sons - The Tension Of Dream Crowds
The Sons Of Jet - Marilyn Monroe
The Sound Of Pop Art - True to Your Soul
The Sounds Incorporated - Last Night
The Speed Of Sound - Checkered Land
The Spitfires - Escape Me
The Spitfires - Relapse
The Spitfires - Spark to Start
The Spitfires - Words To Say
The Split Squad - Now Hear This
The Split Squad - Sorry She's Mine
The Split Squad - Tinker Taylor
The Strangers - Mary Mary
The Strypes - Scumbag City
The Style Council - A Stone's Throw Away
The Style Council - Come To Milton Keynes
The Supernovas - Don't Believe In Heroes
The Switch - Please Don't Walk Away
The Tasmanians - Baby
The Tearjerkers - Murder Mystery
The Threads - Alison
The Threads - Sorry
The Times - My Andy Warhol Poster
The Toasters - Naked City
The Troopers - Get Out
The Turning - Stand Clear of My Mind
The Untouchables - Free Yourself
The Uptight - But Then One Day
The Vals - Echoes Of Summer
The Vals - Everythings Broken
The Vals - Mr Blue Sky
The Vals - Pickepackevoll
The Vals - Quiet Part of Town
The Vandals - My Girl
The Vendettas - Long Island Iced Tea
The Voluntears - And I Know
The Voluntears - Feels Like Home
The Weads - Today
The Whereabouts - Emmalene
The Who - Baby Don't You Do It
The Who - Be Lucky
The Who - Boris The Spider
The Who - I'm A Boy
The Who - Pictures Of Lily
The Who - Postcard
The Who - Squeeze Box
The Who - The Seeker
The Yardbirds - You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover
The Young Sinclairs - Engineer Man
The Young Sinclairs - Problems
The Youth - I'll Call Your Bluff
Thee Cee Cees - Deft Left
Tina Turner - Acid Queen
Toby Twirl - Utopia Daydream
Trio Valore - Liars And Cheaters
Tuna Tacos - Everybody C'mon
Vala Reegan - Fireman
Van Mccoy Strings - Sweet And Easy
Van Morrison - Jackie Wilson Said
Vanilla Fudge - I Can See for Miles
Varetta Dillard - That's Why I Cry
Vindicators - Club Des Clubs
Wilko Johnson And Roger Daltrey - Muskrat
Wily Bo Walker - I Want To Know
Wylde Mammoths - Run From Her
XL - The World To Me
Yellowstone - Melanie Paxton
Young Holt Trio - Wack Wack